14 09 2009

am trimis o sesizare la care este un fel de avocatul poporului la nivel european :

Complaint submitted on: 14 September 2009

First name: &&&%$^&%$*$
Surname: %^&&*(
On behalf of (if applicable):
Address line 1: s%^&*(())
Address line 2:
Town/City: %^&*())
Country: Romania
E-mail address: %^&*(*)()_)_(&^
Against which European Union (EU) institution or body do you wish to complain?
European Commission
What is the decision or matter about which you complain? When did you become aware of it? Add annexes if necessary.
I asked EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre the folowing questions:

„Regarding the European Commission file case number 2009/2002 :

My question is: Has the Romanian Government responded to European Commission request to amend the Romanian legislation regarding the application of car pollution tax?

And if so , what was the answer of the Romanian Government?

If not , what will be the Commissions next step regarding this matter?

When will this step be taken?”

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre answer was :

„Dear Mr &&&&&&&&,

We acknowledge receipt of your message. In answer to your questions we would like to tell you, that the European Commission has requested information from Romania as regards its legislation on the application of a pollution tax on passenger cars. The Commission is of the opinion that the provisions of the Romanian legislation, according to which the application of the pollution tax for certain motor vehicles is suspended while it is increased for certain used cars coming from other Member States, might discriminate against used cars brought from other Member States and protect the domestic new car industry.

You can access the press report „IP/09/1012 – Car taxation: The European Commission requests Romania to modify its legislation regarding application of pollution tax on passenger cars” on the following website of the Directorate-General (DG) for Taxation and Customs Union:

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the answer of the Romanian government. In this regard we would advise you to contact the DG for Taxation and Customs Union:

Name Size Content type
What do you consider that the EU institution or body has done wrong?
my problem is this:

if the information over European Commission’s request to the Romanian Government are public information, why the Romanian Government response to this request is not made public?

and why is not made public the same institution that has requested a response from the Romanian Government in the European Commission’s file case 2009/2002 ?

I think European Commision is doing wrong or illegal not telling publicly if the got or not an answer from Romanian Goverment on file case 2009/2002.

What, in your view, should the institution or body do to put things right?
They should give information to public and media on the file case number 2009/2002.
Have you already contacted the EU institution or body concerned in order to obtain redress?
Yes (please specify)

I`ve contacted them over Europe Direct Contact center but the answer was disapointing and they did not tell me anything i didn`t allready know.

If the complaint concerns work relationships with the EU institutions and bodies: have you used all the possibilities for internal administrative requests and complaints provided for in the Staff Regulations? If so, have the time limits for replies by the institutions already expired?
Not applicable
Has the object of your complaint already been settled by a court or is it pending before a court?
Please select one of the following two options after having read the information in the box below:
Please treat my complaint publicly
Do you agree that your complaint may be passed on to another institution or body (European or national), if the European Ombudsman decides that he is not entitled to deal with it?

un exemplu clar cu ce se ocupa aceasta institutie :




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16 09 2009

Felicitari pt tot ceea ce faci!
Noi te sustinem!
Trebuie sa se faca dreptate!

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