Intrebare la Europe Direct

10 09 2009

Am intrebat la ce se mai inatampla cu taxa , rezultatul il aveti mai jos :


Dear Mr ********,

We acknowledge receipt of your message. In answer to your questions we would like to tell you, that the European Commission has requested information from Romania as regards its legislation on the application of a pollution tax on passenger cars. The Commission is of the opinion that the provisions of the Romanian legislation, according to which the application of the pollution tax for certain motor vehicles is suspended while it is increased for certain used cars coming from other Member States, might discriminate against used cars brought from other Member States and protect the domestic new car industry.

You can access the press reportIP/09/1012 – Car taxation: The European Commission requests Romania to modify its legislation regarding application of pollution tax on passenger carson the following website of the Directorate-General (DG) for Taxation and Customs Union:

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the answer of the Romanian government. In this regard we would advise you to contact the DG for Taxation and Customs Union:

We sincerely hope that the information provided will be of use to you.

With kind regards,

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre

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Please note: We will try to ensure that you receive the information requested, or to direct you to an appropriate source. However, we are unable to comment on specific issues pertaining to EU policy, and information provided by EUROPE DIRECT may not be considered as legally binding.

––Original Message––
From: „EDCC” <>

Sent: 10 September 2009 11:35
To: „” <>
Subject: European Commission file case number 2009/2002

1. Name                    : ****** , *******
2. E-Mail                  :**********
3. Country of residence    : Romania
4. Nationality             : Romanian
5. Gender                  : *
6. Age                     : **
7. Economic category       : Employed
8. Postal Information      :
8.1 Street                 :
8.2 Town                   :*******
8.3 Postal Code            :
8.4 Country                : Romania
8.5 Telephone              :
9. Preferred Language for Response       : English
9.1 Alternative language for answer – 1  : Romanian
9.2 Alternative language for answer – 2  : Romanian
10.1 Miscellaneous – 1       :
10.2 Miscellaneous – 2       :
10.3 Miscellaneous – 3       :
10.4 Miscellaneous – 4       :
11. Origin                   : EDCC
12. Subject: European Commission file case number 2009/2002
13. Question:
Regarding the European Commission file case number 2009/2002 :

My question is: Has the Romanian Government responded to European Commission request to amend the Romanian legislation regarding the application of car pollution tax?

And if so , what was the answer of the Romanian Government?

If not , what will be the Commissions next step regarding this matter?

When will this step be taken?

Thank you

**** ********
14. End of message.




One response

11 09 2009

Frate aceeasi placa zgariata ..”da stim alea alea e ilegal ” dar nimic , concret….asa ca nu ai ce sa astepti toti sunt bana’n mana …..zic eu ceva pe aici dar nu e nimic logic …numai etape …..scrisori si vrajeli ….la un lucru ilegal ce cacat astepta si uniunea asta ?? pula mea direct „frate e ilegal ” jap-jap in instanta … cred ca sunt mana’n mana si o sa stam noi mult si bine cu astea ..

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